How Do I Eat With Dentures?


Eating with dentures can be a difficult task, especially if you are just starting out. However, you can overcome this by taking things slowly and giving yourself time to learn how to adapt to them. Like with everything in life, wearing dentures takes practice. They are different from natural teeth, but with time and patience, wearing dentures will become easier.

How to Eat with Dentures

When most people first start out with dentures they might choose to neglect their diet and even avoid certain foods, until they become more comfortable. Instead, start out slow with easy to chew foods, and work your way into eating foods that require heavier chewing. Some foods that you can eat while maintaining a healthy diet are things like eggs, applesauce, or soup broth.

Be careful if you try and consume hot foods or drinks. When you have dentures in, it can be far too easy to accidentally burn your mouth.

Once you feel comfortable with soft foods, begin to gradually eat harder foods that require a bit more chewing. With practice and time, you will soon be able to eat whatever foods you like.

You may notice that many foods will taste differently at first, but your taste will gradually return to what it was as time goes on.

With patience and practice, you will become more comfortable with your dentures. During this process, our dentists are always here to address any concerns or additional questions that you may have.

Your Denture Concerns Need Answers

Call us today to address any of your denture concerns. We have a denture lab on site, and we are able to adjust, repair, or even reline your dentures if needed so that they feel completely comfortable within your mouth.

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