Do Energy Drinks Rot Your Teeth?


Drinking an energy drink is intended to improve overall performance in everyday activities. However, are these drinks negatively affecting your teeth? Many patients have come to us with this question. The answer is yes, as we explain below.

Maintaining healthy teeth can add up to an extra five years to your life span.

In contrast, energy drinks are viewed as a threat to the health of your teeth. These drinks can help contribute to cavities, dental disease, and tooth loss.

Experts Agree That Energy Drinks Rot Your Teeth

Drinking energy beverages takes away from the enamel. This is a layer that protects the teeth. Without the enamel, the teeth will easily succumb to damage.

It takes as little as five days of drinking these beverages to notice the changes in the enamel of your teeth. You may notice immediately that your teeth have become more sensitive to hot and cold liquids. You may also notice discoloration or thinning in the enamel of your teeth.

Remember Energy Drinks Rot Your Teeth

Drinking these beverages increases acidity levels that are on your teeth.

Consuming energy drinks is like "bathing your teeth in acid," as quoted by Jain, a study author from the Academy of General Dentistry.

Reducing your consumption of energy drinks will help to lessen erosion. Drink water after drinking energy beverages. Drink your energy drinks through a straw.

Caring for your teeth is important. Over 66% of the people drinking energy beverages are teenagers.

More and more teenagers are visiting the dentist complaining about sensitivity and cavities, as noted by Jennifer Bone of the Academy of General Dentistry.

Call us today with additional questions that you may have about energy drinks affect your teeth.

We can provide you with a treatment plan to help reduce and eliminate the tooth sensitivity you are experiencing as a result of these drinks.

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